domingo, 6 de abril de 2008

Praga, cold city

I've arrived this early morning in Praga. I took off at 7h55 and after two hours the plane landed in Praga International Airport. The flight was really good for me, I fell slept before taking off and no notice about me till Praga :).
This morning I've been sightseeing the city for four hours, carrying my wheel luggage the best I could. First advice: try not going with a wheel luggage to Praga centre, it's pave :-). Praga centre is really nice, the castle, Charles bridge, Jewish Quarter, San Vito Cathedral... really nice city.

I am in the hotel now because the weather is really cold, this is the second advice: look for the weather before traveling :-)

Anyway, I am going out know for a while, you can see below a set of pictures taken this morning, when there was more than 1ºC.


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malabarista infernal dijo...

Es muy pronto para exprimir mi cerebro en la lengua de Shakespeare, así que te mandaré un abrazo en la de Cervantes.
Disfruta gran Henry, y cuéntanos a la vuelta.