miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2008


Esto es un cuentecillo que escribí una tarde soleada del 29 de junio de 1998, hace ya casi 10 años, y había pensado reescribirlo "improving" y mejorando el nivel de inglés, pero finalmente lo he dejado tal y como me salieron las palabras aquella tarde mientras esperaba impacientemente una visita importante. Ahí va:
"Once upon a time there was a pixie, who had run away from the place where she was from because there, someone had painted the full moon in black. So, the pixie started to walk, walk and walk until she came across a calm and quiet sea.
While she was staring at the peaceful skyline lying on the turquoise water, she began to feel strange emotions and something changed in her mind as quick as someone clicks the fingers.
And the pixie felt very comfortable in that place, full of silence and light, tint and wet.
Unexpectedly, a big wave appeared from the depth; it was the most enormous and the most extensive wave that the pixie had never seen, and she could not do anything against that freak, but stay in front of it and wait.
The wave tumbled down and the pixie was trapped on the spiral, spiralling up. Nevertheless, instead of being afraid of it, she got a lot of pleasure with that phenomenon.
Unfortunately, the big wave run out of intensity, and the sea became a tideless sea, where the pixie did not find any place to be shipwrecked, where she was condemned to be floating, as turtles, in the infinitude of the turquoise liquid."

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malabarista infernal dijo...

I can´t belive it. I´ve understanded more or less all the story.